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Our services include:

  • Storm Inspections
  • Adjuster Meetings
  • Roofing
  • HVAC
  • Stucco
  • Restorations
  • Waterproofing
  • Testing
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Finocchiaro Construction inspects all buildings and structures from Roofing, HVAC, Paint, Windows, Screens, Fencing and miscellaneous items of repair due to Hail and Wind damages that may have occurred. Then we prepare a full report for the Property Manager/Owner, along with Photos of any visible damages.




Management/Owner determines if Claim is feasible. If Claim is deemed necessary, management will call Insurance Co. to start the claim process. The insurance co. should respond in 24-48 hours with an adjuster meeting appointment, at which time management informs FC of date and time of adjuster meeting. Then management can recommend certain Preferred Vendors to accompany FC during the inspection. We will give your Preferred Vendors every opportunity to work with us through the process including the repair work.




FC along with our subcontractor, your Preferred Vendors and our specialty consultants will pre-inspect the property, as a team, before the adjuster arrives to be fully prepared for the meeting. Some subcontractors and consultants may have actually inspect days in advance to insure that we have everything visible addressed during this very important meeting. The importance of this meeting is so there is not a lot of back and forth negotiating on what the insurance company will allow for repairs.




FC, subcontractors and consultants will work with the adjuster to determine the scope of work. FC will complete all bidding and writing of the scope of the work that the insurance company may need to process settlement. This process takes a lot of time and money off the managers/owners that otherwise would done by management, if they were to handle the claim themselves. We also do the back and forth negotiating to reach a settlement of the agreeable price and scope of work, saving management even more time.




After scope of work and settlement price is agreed by the insurance company and FC, it becomes the contract price and scope of work for the Management/Owners and FC. We will only include items that the insurance company agrees to pay, unless otherwise agreed with Management/Owner.  





FC will coordinate all construction scheduling and repairs with management. We will notify all tenants/residents of what they can expect during the construction process and when they will have any services done. Notices will be posted with FC superintendent’s phone number being the first to call, if they have any questions, to free up property managers time during the construction phase.




After completion of work on major trades, we will walk the entire project with Management/Owner and or their maintenance supervisor to insure the installation and material are satisfactory. We take great pride in having a safe and clean construction environment.




After final walk through, FC will produce invoices to the Management/Owners on completed work. Management/Owner will simply forward these invoices and certificates of completion to the insurance company to for payment. 




FC and our local subcontractors will warrantee all workmanship and manufactures will warrantee materials.





1. Supply FC with property list to inspect

2. Call insurance company to make claim

3. Inspect completed work

4. Bill insurance company